The Difference Between Carpet Steam Cleaning And Carpet Dry Cleaning

Having a good clean carpet is an essential part of every household and office. It is an important element of your home décor. As with the other household items, carpet tend to get dirty over time as well. Dirt, bacteria and allergens find their way deep into your carpet and tend to accumulate with every foot step that is placed on the carpet.

Thoroughly vacuuming your carpet regularly will keep the surface of the carpet clean but there are dust particles, pet dander and other potentially harmful pollutants which still lurk underneath the surface of the carpet. The debris that is accumulated in the pile of the carpet is almost invariably left unattended by the vacuum cleaners. Additionally, there could be many stains which require special treatment in order to rid the carpet of them. That is why a deeper cleaning from a professional cleaning service is required to give your carpet the look and the feel of cleanliness that it deserves.

When it comes to providing clean services, there are many methods but essentially there are carpet dry cleaning and carpet steam cleaning South Yarra. Let’s analyze both methods from which you can choose what suits you best.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Another name for carpet steam cleaning is hot water extraction cleaning. As the name suggests, it works by injecting steamy hot water into the surface of the carpet and then that water is extracted. The principle is that when the water is extracted, the dirt, soil and other particles are extracted out along with the water which would in turn make the carpet clean. The carpet is vacuumed before carpet steam cleaning in St Kilda so that dry soil can be extracted out. That is because when steam in injecting into dry soil, it can turned to mud and can become difficult to get rid of. Professional steam cleaning requires cleaners to pre-treat the stains and remove them with the appropriate cleaning chemicals and products. They also use a pre-spray agent before spraying down the water in order to release the surface tension of the carpet so that the water can deeply penetrate into the carpet and then extracted out afterwards.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

Just like carpet steam cleaning, the carpet is pre-vacuumed in dry cleaning as well so that any surface level dry soil can be removed. A dry cleaning solution is then applied to the carpet which is basically dry cleaning solvents mixed with water. The solution tends to release the oil residue which keeps the dirt attached to the carpet fibers so that the dirt and stains can be removed easily. Cotton absorbent pads are treated to a hot water and conditioning rinse solution and then placed on the surface of the carpet under a rotatory machine. As the machine rotates the pads at a high speed, the pads capture the dirt and new pads are put under and same process is done till the whole carpet is clean.